Spring Summer 24

BE ON illuminates the many nuances of the Benetton world, spotlighting a brand that since 1965 has marked a concept of time and fashion which is forward-looking, but which also revolves around its roots - color, knitwear, humanity and cosmopolitanism.

Thursday 21 September, during Milan Fashion Week, Andrea Incontri presented the Spring Summer 24 collection with a fashion show at the Museo della Permanente, revamped into a multi-colored agora for the occasion.
The vibrant, fresh colors of the garments and accessories burst into the space, from the carpet to the seats up to the walls, transforming it into a field with giant flowers and fruits – which can also be found printed on polo shirts, jersey, denim or inlaid in knitwear items.

On the catwalk, models and children stand for real identities. Marjan, Sakua and Cato. Litza with Luna and Alejandro. Virgile with Leandro, Mario and Noa, Charlene and Josy, Ursula and Aaron. Mothers, fathers, kids, today's couples, multi-ethnic and multi-generational families who highlight United Colors of Benetton’s beauty as well as the search for human sensitivity.

Generational exchange is the true manifesto of this show, in a succession of older faces and younger expressions, where beauty lies in the uniqueness of each one. A passage of experiences and sentiments which, like an old clock, which works if all the gears function in synergy.

Watch the video of the show and check out the key looks from the new collection designed by Andrea Incontri.